About One World, One Nation.

Over forty years after John Lennon imagined all the people living life in peace, Pris Maverick breaks onto the dance/pop scene with a bold, forward thinking vision of “One World, One Nation” – a powerhouse track that keeps the dream alive in a world that’s still got a long way to go.prismaverick_ow_cover-410x410

The multi-talented, socially conscious German born, Miami based songwriter and performer breaks down the cultural barriers and embraces our common humanity from the get go on the infectious, groove intensive cut: “No boundaries, no limits no frontiers within us/All is one and one is all/all persuasions, all colors…” The key line of her chorus is a call to action: “Stop the discrimination, the dictation/Cause we all live in one world, one nation…”

Written by Maverick, “One World, One Nation”—set for impending release on Dauman Music–was produced by Tony Coluccio, who recently scored a Top 5 Billboard hit with DJ Escape featuring Inya Daye on “Make Some Noise.” Coluccio’s other collaborations with DJ Escape include hit remixes of Beyonce’s “Countdown” and “Love on Top” and “Hands Up” by Keenan Cahill and Electrovamp.

Coluccio’s extensive credits as an engineer, remixer and producer include Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Kristine W, Janet Jackson and Jon Secada. Top remixers on “One World, One Nation” include Mike Rizzo (Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Akon), Jeff Barringer (Beyonce, Cher), Loverush UK (Kylie Minogue, Katie Melua) and Kinky Roland (Missy Elliot, George Michael).

Jason Dauman, President of Dauman Music, says, “’Pris’ declaration rings loud. It’s a very emotional song for her and shows her feeling less contained and much more open. She wanted to push herself and this is where it took her.”

Maverick’s website (www.prismaverick.com) illuminates her mission to make the world a more hopeful place with her music. “Each word of my lyrics and each melody I write comes straight out of my heart, and the intention of my music is to be a reminder of of the light that resides in all of us, and to let it shine as brightly as we can.”

For the singer, music is the one cultural element throughout human history that has the power to unite people of different cultures, ages, races and mindsets. But the hatred and division that continues to plague our world is a source of distress. “At the end of the day, and most people forget this as they focus on the things that divide us, we all bleed red,” she says. “My heart sometimes aches when I see the state of things, but down deep inside, I believe that somehow, we can and will make it a better place. This is what my songs are all about, and that is what moves me to sing.

“I believe that every new day is a choice and we have the responsibility to give our very best – not just for the sake of others, but for us as individuals,” Maverick adds.

Growing up in Frieburg, in Germany’s Black Forest region, Maverick began taking singing and taking classical piano lessons at age five and later found her passion in singing pop and rock in several bands (and performing in school plays and musicals) throughout her teen years. While she started out with conservative career ambitions, attending college and studying law in Munich for several years, the singer believed in her musical talents and followed her dreams across the Pond to Miami.

While networking and trying to figure out her musical direction, Maverick worked for several years as a personal trainer and taught yoga and pilates at two high end resorts, The Ritz Carlton and the Eden Roc Miami Beach. One of her spa clients heard her sing and introduced her to the man who turned out to be the publicist for Tony Coluccio. She began working with Coluccio, who produced several tracks that she wrote, including “Mirror” (about the importance of loving yourself and not being so self-critical). Coluccio helped nudge her in the pop-dance direction and Maverick suggested they introduce a dubstep element into their collaborations. They recorded ‘One World, One Nation’ at a studio in NYC.


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