Throughout human history, music has connected and united people of different cultures, ages, races, and mindsets. It has been used to express criticism, worry and anger against political leadership, social conditions and individual freedoms. Sometimes, it’s just meant to say “I love you”. This has not changed for centuries, but the world we live in certainly has! My heart sometimes aches when I see the state of things. But down deep inside, I believe that – somehow – we can and will make it a better place. This is what my songs are all about, and that is what moves me to sing.
Today, we are facing perhaps bigger challenges than we’ve ever faced before. Global economies are a mess. Weather related catastrophes are on the increase. We continue to poison the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. We turn a blind eye to the majority of humanity that lives in extreme poverty. We finance the trafficking of human beings into slavery, by buying and wearing the clothes they made. Just look in the mirror.